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Ivo Geissner

WS 2016/17
Product Design

Airscope is a light-weight, compact and easy to handle wind generator for any environment and Situation.

01 How it works

To grab the knob that is attached to a telescopic rod, you have to push the ring in the lid, that protects the rotor from water and dirt. By pulling up the lid, the three weatherproof and lightweight rotor blades made of nylon fabric get the typical c-shape of a savonius rotor. The slits in the disks attached to the telescopic rod ensure proper tension and the shaping of the blades. In the bottom of the box, there is a thread that fits any conventional tripod. We used a flexible tripod by Miggo and a professional one by Manfrotto. The electrical connections for charging your devices are on the backside of the box, protected by a rubber lid.

02 The Inspiration

Airscope is inspired by personal experience. When being out in plain nature doing hiking trips or road trips, there is one major issue: electricity. After a few days in the wilderness, you might be running out of battery power for your camera, music player, mobile phone… So we decided to design a portable wind generator that is easy to store in your luggage, robust and easy to set up.

03 Stages of Development

We began with a general research about wind power and wind generators. After being informed about the different types, we did first tests. We wanted our wind generator to be robust and easy to store, so we chose the savonius-shape combined with a telescopic rod. This way, Airscope can be set up with only one motion: pulling up the lid. Now we focused on how to protect it from water and dirt, made ergonomic tests, and tried to find the best size for this travel companion based on efficiency and compactness. The last step was to build our final prototype.

04 Novelty

Airscope is a simple and robust box that can be thrown in any luggage without taking too much room. It just takes one move to set up. It is weatherproof and works in any environment. It is a perfect companion for any traveler, landscape photographer, or adventurer – but of course it can also be used at home. Set it up when having a break or at night and charge your devices when needed. You don‘t have to worry about wasting your car battery or not having enough spare batteries with you. If you have a tripod, you can attach Airscope to it to get the best results.