Winona Biber
Julia Thum

My role
User testing
Concept & Strategy
UI Design

General Info
Prof. Dr. habil. Georg Kneer
Prof. Gabriele N. Reichert
WS 2020/21
Master Graduation Project
Strategic Design

Trust through Transparency

How can political communication be made more transparent? This internet platform informs users about important political decisions, makes complicated documents understandable and helps to better represent political concerns.

01 Relevance

Less than half of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the functioning of democracy (according to a study by Decker et al. in 2019). This dissatisfaction goes hand in hand with a low level of trust in political institutions.

02 Transparency

A stable democracy is built on the trust and participation of its citizens. Transparency is the foundation for this.

03 Transparency Factors

Based on the research, we identified seven factors that can influence raw information in a communication process. Keeping them in mind you can increase transparency in communication.

04 Final Product

Based on these transparency factors, we designed the internet platform Politik Alert. On Politik Alert, all political documents from local councils to the „Bundestag“ are collected and presented in a understandable way. To do this, the platform uses a granular approach. With the help of artificial intelligence, information and its presentation are individually adapted to each user.

05 Main Functions

There are five main functions on Politics Alert. „Mein Alert“ notifies users as soon as a political decision has been made that could affect them. The „Politik Bot“ answers questions and recommends the most successful form of participation for political issues. „Beteiligen“ makes it easy to find political groups and events in the neighbourhood. With a personalized learning plan, users can improve their political knowledge and research documents in the database. By doing so, Politik Alert ensures more transparency and helps users to strengthen their political self-confidence in the long term.

05 Design language

For the design language, we were guided by the creative idea of a snow globe. It’s a real-world, but simplified. A small world that can be held in the hand and everything can be observed. The creative idea of a snow globe does not overwhelm and the „power“ of interaction is defined by the viewer.

The look is stimulating, central and transparent.